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Back in the 1990s and in the early 2000s’, the term application was synonymous with web applications. With the coming in of smartphones and other digital mediums, the term application can denote a web application and a mobile application as well. There are very few web technologies one can use for both web applications and mobile applications. There are ranging differences in the framework of the android and iOS frameworks.

Types of web development technologies in trend:

These are the most commonly used web technologies.

  • .NET

.NET is one of the most commonly used web development technologies. A lot of students straight out of colleges prefer to start with .NET in their web development career journey when compared to the others. Be it any business model, .NET has a whole lot of features that can suit the needs of any customer. The websites or the applications created using .NET provides one of the best user experience and best communication channel.

  • RUBY

RUBY is one of the popular web development languages. The framework on which RUBY is used extensively is called Rails and it is more commonly called Ruby on Rails. One can connect the web applications or the mobile applications created using RUBY to any effective database. This is not to be found in many other web development frameworks as many languages are compatible only with certain types of databases. In case you wish to create a website named smokingthings that sells vape and e-cigarettes, then you will need connecting the plethora of items in the site to a database. Not all the time, one can find databases of similar tech being used, RUBY on Rails comes very handy during these times.

  • PHP 

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is one of the best web development languages out there for server-side scripting. The most common framework used along with PHP is Lavarel. Almost 80% of the websites you get to see on the internet today are created using PHP at the server-side. This web development language can be connected with a lot of content management systems trending in the market.

  • Javascript 

Javascript is the trending front end web development language. Any aspiring full-stack developer would want to equip themselves with Javascript owing to its immense popularity. It is one of the most beginner-friendly languages. Popular companies like Google, Facebook make use of AJAX where Javascript is used to load only parts of the webpage and not the entire webpage.

  • Python 

If you aim to create websites that handle massive amounts of data on an everyday basis, then it is best to go for Python. Be it the open-source framework Django or the best packages and libraries it holds, Python has it all for the budding web developers as well as the data scientists.

These are the list of web technologies that have stayed in trend in the past many years together. These are very accommodating of a whole lot of features that would be required for the effective functioning of a website/a mobile application.

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