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Here in the HowTo category you”ll find solutions here for faulty electronic devices, Mostly smartphones and a variety of others.

Kik on PC

How to use Kik on PC: Using Android Emulators

Messaging applications for android have advanced and enable the users to send larger files of their choice such as media content. The users can choose the messaging application that can conveniently...
Motorola fingerprint scanner not working

How to Fix Fingerprint Sensor Problems on Motorola

Mobile phones are one of the most important parts of modern life. The extent to which mobile phones are embedded in our life clearly visible the way an average human lives...
Protect your apps with your fingerprint on Xiaomi

How to protect Apps with a Fingerprint on Xiaomi with MIUI

MIUI has a number of handy features, and among them, the one that is the most popular is that it allows you to protect your apps with your fingerprint on Xiaomi....
clear the cache on Firestick

How to clear the cache on firestick for fast streaming

When Firestick is running slow it can cause the streaming experience of users to be reduced. In some instances, the problem may be as a result of cache problems. Cleaning or...
Firestick buffering issue

How to resolve Firestick buffering issue for smooth streaming

Several factors can cause the Firestick buffering issue. In the recent past, there has been an advance increase in the use of firestick. Some times when the buffering intercepts connections it can...
find IMEI number without a phone

How to find IMEI number without a phone

The initials IMEI Mean International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI numbers are a part of the phones unique codes that are mainly provided by the developer. Each mobile device has its IMEI...
Jailbreak Google Chromecast

How to Jailbreak Google Chromecast using different methods

At one point the best way to Jailbreak google Chromecast was by use of Kodi or other apps like Terrarium TV app. Many available applications enable users to Jailbreak Google Chromecast. Google...
Apex legend Wraith knife

How to have access to Apex Legend Wraith Knife

Apex Legend is the most popular action games available for Game lovers. It is a battle Royale game that enables users to combat their opponents. Apex has many features that make...
How to Block, and Remove Someone from Facebook

How to Block, and Remove Someone from Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that connect millions of people with just a click. But you might at times want to remove or block someone from...
Gmail notifications not working for android

How To Fix Gmail Notifications Not Working Issue

App notifications can sometimes annoy us for sure, but the same doesn’t go for the Gmail app. Instead, Gmail notifications are one of those notifications that we definitely don’t want to...