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Here in the HowTo category you”ll find solutions here for faulty electronic devices, Mostly smartphones and a variety of others.

Gmail notifications not working for android

How To Fix Gmail Notifications Not Working Issue

App notifications can sometimes annoy us for sure, but the same doesn’t go for the Gmail app. Instead, Gmail notifications are one of those notifications that we definitely don’t want to...
how to play your Xbox on your phone

How to Play Xbox Games on Your Android Device

Playing Xbox games is definitely more fun when played on a screen and is also more user-friendly. But it also has a drawback as it becomes difficult to carry, especially if...
check APK for viruses

How To Find Whether An APK File Is Safe Or Not?

Android devices are safe to use, especially when it comes to downloading an application. Google Play is the safest means to download any application on your phone. But, apart from that,...
unblur a photo

How to unblur a photo using different software

Sharpening an image is essential towards making the user attain images that are in perfect condition, the user can use the available set of methods available for them to unblur the...
Giant Eagle MyHRConnection

How to Sign Up for Giant Eagle MyHRConnection

There are many functions performed by the HR Connection that require much processing of information. Giant Eagle MyHRConnection has been helping people around the world for long. The platform enables users to appreciate...
Find Someone on Tinder

How to Find Someone on Tinder with quick guide

Connections are necessary when maters of lifestyle are concerned. Tinder is an awesome platform that enables users to get connections to partners. There are many available dating apps which allow people...
How to Download and install the latest Lenovo USB drivers

How to download and install the latest Lenovo USB drivers

Most of the Lenovo devices are designed to equip a lot of tasks in themselves. But even then, it sometimes becomes difficult to manage tasks like transferring files, installing a new...
iOS 14

iOS 14 Best Features that are a great treat for the iPhone Users

iOS 14 if official for all the users with iPhone 6 and above. Users are getting their iOS 14 official updates. The new update from Apple is a great treat for...
iOS 14 Features

Hidden iOS 14 Features Which You Should Enable

Apple finally releases the official update of iOS 14 for iPhone 6 and above. This is a big update and it brings some really exciting features which we haven’t seen before...
Cinema HD for PC

How to Install and use Cinema HD for PC

Entertainment is provided in many forms to consumers. Many individuals have a different taste to their entertainment needs. Media content is commonly used by many to meet their need for fun....