Gmail app signature

Gmail is one of the most frequently used applications on our mobile phones. Whether it is an office work or a college assignment, Gmail comes in handy every time. And one of the most important features of the application is the Gmail app signature. The signature contains all important information like contact details, phone number, etc. It allows the recipient to understand who the sender is, and also helps them to contact the sender whenever required.

Writing all those details on the signature, again and again, is not just time-consuming, but it also increases the chance of mistakes. Therefore, it is more effective to use the automatic signature feature of the Gmail app, which will automatically send your signature with every email that you send. Let us first understand why the signature is an important feature in the app.

Importance of adding signature in Gmail

  • Legitimacy and professionalism
  • Branding
  • Brand recognition
  • Digital business card
  • Personal association
  • Quick links to things that matter

How to add signatures in Gmail on Android and iPhone

Gmail app signature

Step 1: Open the Gmail app on your Android or iPhone mobile phone

Step 2: Tap the “Menu” option on the tops left corner of the home screen

Step 3: Scroll it down to the bottom and select “Settings”

Step 4: You will get the option to choose from the different Gmail accounts that you have, and you can choose the account in which you want to add the signature

Step 5: Click on the “Mobile Signature” option

Step 6: Add all the information you want to put in your Gmail signature

Step 7: Click “Ok” and you are all set to go

Things to keep in mind while designing your Gmail app signature

The signature should have not more than 3-4 lines of text

Don’t add your email address to your Gmail app signature

Don’t hesitate from including an image, it can be your company logo

You can also add colors to it, for example, the color that identifies your company

You can add your company link to it

Gmail app signature can be very useful and less time-consuming. So, create your own Gmail signature today and utilize it to the most.

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