iOS 14

In iOS 14 Apple finally allows users to change their default browsers and email app. Previously Apple users only used Safari as their default browser and Apple mail as their default email app. But in iOS 14 Apple removed those restrictions and now iPhone and the iPad user running iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 can change their default browser to any other third-party browser. In this article, we will tell you how to Change Default Browser in iOS 14 to Google Chrome.

Many users have opted for different browsers like the hugely popular Google Chrome. So, now they can use their favourite browser and email app instead of Safari and Apple Mail.

Here’s the way you can change the default browser to Google Chrome in iOS 14:

  • Install Google Chrome from the App Store
  • Open Settings App
  • Open App lists
  • Select Chrome from the App lists
  • In the Chrome Settings, Click on the Default Browser app
  • Select Chrome from the browser list

iOS 14

Once you are done with this, every time you open a web link it will open with Chrome instead of Safari. If you want safari again your default browser then repeats the above procedure.

Similarly, you can also change your default email app to Gmail with the above method. From the list of apps select Gmail, tap on default email app and select Gmail from the list.

Apart from Google Chrome, Apple doesn’t allow other browsers like Firefox and Opera to be the default browsers in iOS14. We hope soon this will change and you have many other options as your default browser in the iPhone.

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  1. […] In order to change the default email and browser app, you need to change a few settings. To do that go into the settings in iOS 14, choose the option which states installed apps. From the list of installed apps tap on mail app, then tap on the default email app and select your desired email app. Similarly, do this step for the browser app. […]


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