GPS not working on Samsung galaxy

A large number of users of the Samsung Smartphones have reported issues about the GPS not working on Samsung galaxy, and tracking issues specifically in their flagship phone Galaxy S8 and Note 8. All these issues were reported soon after the OTA update, which was rolled out in early March 2020, which affected this smartphone GPS accuracy. The users are not able to keep a consistent GPS lock on. Many apps like Google maps, Android auto, Uber, and all other apps depending upon GPS traction, were tracking incorrectly on several occasions. In some cases, the GPS remains stagnant in one single location and does not move as per the user.

What is the fix for GPS not working on Samsung Galaxy

Before starting with the fixes, the following settings to be checked in the smartphone to avoid unnecessary waste of time and effort and to increase the smartphone GPS accuracy

  • Go to Settings, then Privacy and then Location
  • Tap on Locating method
  • Select GPS, Wi-fi, and mobile networks for optimal GPS performance

The fix was developed by Samsung, and it has solved the purpose as per various feedbacks by several customers. The following steps need to be followed to get rid of this GPS tracking problem:

Open Play Store on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Download and install GPS Status Notification Proxy Plug-in app

Also, download and install GPS Status & Toolbox app

Keep these apps running on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone along with the GPS. Traction and other GPS related issues will be resolved.

GPS not working on Samsung galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Users are Happy now

After this update in March 2020, Samsung Users were reportedly having trouble with this GPS traction issue. The GPS is one such app that everyone uses starting from the beginning of the day to commute to their workplace or going to their shopping destination or a Salon referred by a friend. Post this fix offered by the Samsung Community, the users are happily using their Galaxy Smartphones.

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