free up storage on galaxy s10

Sometimes you may notice that your phone is behaving slightly sluggish or it is working relatively slower. One of the main reasons for this is that your phone storage is full. So the first and foremost step is to check and free your memory. Let us find out how to free up storage on galaxy S10 by following simple steps.

Steps to free up storage on galaxy S10

  • On the Home Screen, pull the notification panel down and open settings
  • Find and click on “Device Care”
  • To free up some space, click on “Storage”
  • To start the Clean-Up, click on the blue “Clean Now button” and wait for it to finish
  • Go back to the previous screen and then click on “Memory”
  • To release some memory space, click on “Clean”
  • Wait until it’s finished

This is one way of optimizing your memory and storage space.

If your Samsung Galaxy S10 is having issues of internal memory full and your Samsung storage doesn’t add up, we will look at the following solutions to deal with this problem:

Clear App Cache

free up storage on galaxy s10

Open your phone Settings from the Home Screen and then go to the Application Manager

There you can see all the downloaded apps on the phone along with their storage space mentioned

Click on “Menu” or “More” to sort the apps by their size so that you can check which one takes up more storage

Select the concerned app to see it’s storage space

Click on “Clear Cache” to free up space

Repeat the procedure for all the apps

You can also delete all the cache files for all the apps from the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone. To do this, go to Settings, then storage, thereafter Device memory. Then click on “Cache data” and delete all the cache data. This might solve the Samsung internal memory full problem.

Delete the Trash Bin

The new Samsung UI on the S10 has a trash bin. So you will keep getting this message “internal memory full or storage space out” even if we have deleted all the files on the phone. To get rid of this, follow these simple steps:

Go the gallery

Click on the bottom left to see if any pictures are there. It will say no photos, then you have to click on the three dots available on the right top corner of the screen

Click on “Trash” and you will see all your photos still present there which you have already deleted

Click on empty and all your photos will be finally deleted permanently from your phone

Go back to the previous screen and do the same process for your albums as well

Thereafter go to the Home screen and go to settings

Select “Device Care” and then select “storage”. You will see that your system starts showing you the storage space

This will possibly get you rid of your Samsung internal memory full problem. This issue was very predominant because of the new user interface, but these solutions given above will surely help you in getting rid of this problem.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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