Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam

Do you have an old phone that you don’t use anymore? And how many ways can you think of using it? Probably the best option that you see is to keep it as a spare phone or sell it.  What if you learn about the best usage of your old phone, and it is to use your android phone as a webcam. Whether you use it for a video call or you use it for a security purpose, webcam can indeed be very useful. But, for those who are wondering how it is beneficial, this is how.

You can turn your old phone into a baby monitor

Can be a substitute to the webcam of your PC, in case it’s not functional, or your PC doesn’t have one

Can very well be used as a security camera because it works even when the screen is off

Saves your money in buying a new camera

Doesn’t need any additional features in your phone

After knowing that you can use your old phone in the most effective way, you might want to know how to use phone camera as a webcam for PC. Well, here is how you can connect your mobile camera to computer.

Steps to use phone camera as a webcam for PC

Use Your Android Phone as a Webcam

Step 1. Connect your mobile and phone to the same internet connection

Step 2. Go to your phone app store and search and install IP Webcam

Step 3. Close any other camera app in your phone

Step 4. Now open the IP Webcam app

Step 5. Scroll down below and click on “Start Server”

Step 6. The app will display a URL on the screen

Step 7. Copy the URL and enter it in any browser on your computer

Step 8. Click “Enter”

Click on the drop-down menu next to “Video renderer” and click “Browser”

Step 10. Just below that you will see “Audio renderer”

Step 11. Click “HTML wav”

You are good to go as you will see a video feed in your browser that will be live. The best part is that you can record it as well. All you have to do is click on the red button under the video. This will save your video, and you can play it later. This quick and easy way not just saves your money but is probably one of the best usages of your old Android phone.

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